Gender Bias in Education

A look at the problems caused by the gender gap in the field of education.

This paper examines how gender bias in education write an essay letter refers to the persistent gender gap that exists in the field of education and how various strategies have been adopted and several reforms have been introduced to tackle this issue. It looks at how women are always taught to be less aggressive and less assertive than their male counterparts and for this reason they tend to stay away from more competitive or professional fields of education. It shows how some changes are needed in the way teachers handle this problem in the classrooms and how vast literature on the issue suggests that teachers play a vital role in gender gap issue.

It has also been noticed that lower self esteem and confidence in girls is directly connected write an essay scholarship with teacher’s attitude towards more assertive and confident girls. While teachers permit and even encourage assertive attitude of boys, the same behavior is not tolerant when exhibited by a girl and she is seen as a disruptive element. Reay report suggest that the reason why most girls choose not to enter the more competitive fields of education is because they have been conditioned to do so.

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